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Partying, partying yeah

I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with Eddie’s headset. It has some sort of echo-y thing going on. So I won’t use it anymore. Maybe I’ll get my own microphone, if I want to keep doing voice posts. Sorry for the poor quality on my previous recordings. I kinda want to take them down now, knowing they’re all corrupted, but they’re part of my story so I’m leaving them up.

Here’s a picture I took of my hand the other day (warning, a bit gross).


It looks worse than it is, I think. Full range of motion is back and it only aches now and then. Soon it will just be a scar.

Baxter is just as friendly as he ever was. More so, even. I’m leaving his cage open when I’m in the room, and he’s taken to sleeping curled up against my neck all night. (Don’t worry, he won’t get squished. I don’t move much in my sleep and he’s a nimble little rodent.) He seems to feel safer as long as I’m nearby, and I like having him close, too.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, weekend.


YES Adele I AM allergic to commas. If you keep criticizing your transcribing person you won’t have one anymore.

Anyway. This is super boring so I’m just gonna sum up the rest of the recording. Adele went to the bathroom to try to take care of it herself because shes an idiot. And she started feeling faint and went and laid down on the couch and moaned. She was calling for her mother but she doesn’t remember that but she totally was I was there and I know. Our parents came out and took care of her and everything. She was worried because she didn’t want Dad to be mad at Baxter because he hadn’t wanted to have a rat in the house to begin with but they wanted to be her foster parents so they took him too. She doesn’t understand why Mom and Dad wanted to be her foster parents but they did. So she made this recording because she wanted to tell someone what was going on or whatever.

Seriusly Adele if you don’t show Dad your hand I will. It looks bad and that hydrogen stuff your using isn’t helping at all.

And we wanted to be your foster family because your a good person and you deserve a chance. I know you don’t believe it but its true. If you want to delete this post you’ll have to get your hand better so you can come on and fix it. I’m gonna post embarassing stuff here if you don’t. I saw you type your password and I know what it is now. I’m hiding your computer until you get your hand fixed. Its kinda gross now.

Um gotta think of more embarassing stuff. Hey guys you know what else Adele likes? David Bowie. Yeah. Her email address is if you want to write and tell her to get her hand fixed too.

Get your hand taken care of Adele for real.

Hey guys this is Eddie. Adele logged me in to transcribe her thingy. Her rat tale I’m calling it. Hahaha! I crack myself up.

Hey Adele next time you record something don’t play youtube clips or whatever while you do it. The mike didn’t pick it up real good but its still annoying. And don’t run a fan right next to you or whatever you did. For real that needs to stop.

Oh its on. Hello little blog. My hand really hurts. Kind of swollen it got all swollen. My fingers won’t touch. My index finger and my thumb. The doctor saw it yesterday and I’m fine I don’t need stitches I didn’t need stitches and I got a tetanus shot and all that. But it started swelling up today and I don’t want my new parents to see it. I don’t want anyone to see it. Because. And its not because I’m stoic. This fucking hurts. Its just. It would make my new dad even more mad than he already was and I don’t want him to be more mad because… I’m gonna have to start over.

Okay I gathered my thoughts so to speak. Its really clumsy using my left hand for everything. Anyway it happened Sunday night in the middle of the night. I heard… I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a rat scream? But its really awful its a really awful sound. And I mean you know rats squeak mice they squeak but when they squeak its because there in pain or there afraid or there in danger its a warning thing. A lot of times Baxter makes little you know chirping noises. He grinds his teeth together its called bruxing. He makes all kinds of little noises.

But I’ve never heard him scream before. STUPID LOUD FAN NOISE. And I stumbled over to his cage and I was sort of just half awake and I knew that something was going on and he just sounded so scared. And I heard his tail rattling its what rats do when there about to attack something. And and half asleep I just thought theres another rat in there that got there in the cage. And it was so stupid. I stuck my hand in there and and Baxter bit me. He bit me on the kind of the web of flesh between your index finger and your thumb and he bit me really hard and really deep.

And rats when they bite they like you know how they have fangs they kind of separate the bottom two fangs and drive those deep in and kind of tear with there top fangs. And I know he didn’t mean to do it. It was totally an accident. Baxter has never bit me ever. He’s the tamest, sweetest little rat you ever saw. But well I stumbled away. I kind of had to shake him off which ripped it even more. And I went to turn on the light and theres blood welling up and dripping on the floor.

This is taking for fucking ever so I’m gonna come back later. But seriously Adele you should just show Dad your hand. He won’t be mad. Well maybe a little. But he’s not gonna get rid of Baxter.

I picked all the categories for this just cuz. You can fix it later.

Baxter is out!

Yay, I have my ratty back! I lured him out with much coaxing, using little bits of pecan, which is his favorite treat. I tried it earlier, but today it finally worked. I took out his food bowl for a few hours so he’d be hungry, then held a bit of nut in front of the hole in his hidey box and made clicking noises. At first he would only stick his nose out a little way, and I gave him a piece of pecan, then the next time held it further and further away. Finally he came out!

The first time he just grabbed the little treat and scampered back, but he was still hungry and I held it further away, and finally he came out all in a rush, snapped up the treat, and launched himself onto my shoulder. He’s sitting under my chin now, clinging to my collar and bruxing (grinding his teeth together–it’s how rodents purr).

He’s a lot more clingy than normal, doesn’t even want to crawl down my arm right now, but at least he’s out of the box. He seems to feel safe with me. I’m really glad I can be a shelter for him. It makes me feel strong and useful…and also a little nervous. I don’t want to let him down.

God, I really missed my Baxter over these past two weeks. At least I didn’t get hysterical, like they say I was in the hospital in the first few weeks after. Someone had taken Baxter to a shelter when the police and everybody found…what they found, but I kept crying for him and eventually they brought him to me. He was the only thing that could calm me down. I really was kind of crazy for awhile. Maybe I still am, I don’t know. How can you tell?

I keep pussyfooting around this. About what actually happened, what I need to write about. It was the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. I wish I wasn’t such a coward. I will, I will write about it eventually.